What are the 5 leading ways to carry out patient-centric clinical trials?

The feedback of patients is necessary for product information.

There are less than 5% of eligible participants signing up. Globally of those volunteers, up to 30% end up dropping out of the clinical trials.

Sponsors putting on a clinical trial are doing everything to engage with patients while securing future study programs. These trials are necessary steps in the practice of modern medicine. With proper evaluation, doctors can develop drugs to help people’s lives.

Patient’s reported outcomes are becoming more commonly used to assess the effect of medical treatments.  Today’s medical practitioners are starting to allow “remote reports” from volunteers. On-site monitoring is no longer 100% necessary. 

3 Key Points:

  1. The first step in developing products that work is understanding what patients want.
  2. To ensure the trial protocol is practical, sponsors are asking potential patients to review the study designs beforehand, as well as communicating the results. 
  3. By covering logistic expenses before a study, there is more room to focus on the patient during the trial.

Key to encouraging public support for, and participation in, clinical research is trust, and researchers must take the time and make the effort to build [it]. Communicating directly with participants as they join a study — and throughout the process — is critical to earning and maintaining trust.” -NIH, National Institute of Health. 

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