Complete EDC and Data Management platform


ACTide is a platform provided by Nubilaria®. It supports Electronic Data Capture (EDC) and Clinical Data Management functionalities.

We develop ACTide eCRF keeping the end-user in mind. ACTide eCRF is our intuitive user interface ensuring high productivity performances.

ACTide eCRF provides your study team and site Investigators with all the required tools and services to succeed in their daily tasks plus the freedom of a Software as a Service:

  • Online randomization (IWRS)
  • Multi-laboratory normal ranges set up and management
  • AE and SAE management
  • SAE safety database
  • Double Data Entry and reconciliation
  • Drug Management
  • Online Medical Coding (MedDRA, WHO Drug Data Dictionary)
  • Monitoring tools / eQuery management (Query Builder for information retrieval)

ACTide eCRF is compatible with all web browsers and works on any device.

ACTide is easy to maintain and audit which allows customers to create and monitor their projects over time.

With the participation of international CROs as qualified testers, ACTide delivers a product that is technically and economically ready to lead the market.


ACTide Designer

Sophisticated eCRF solutions don’t have to be complicated!

ACTide Designer is our powerful application to design, use, re-usu and deploy eCRFs and their requirements, including:

  • Metadata definitions
  • Visits, Sections, Entry-points
  • Multi-purpose edit-checks: mandatory, visibility, consistency, warning
  • Annotated CRF, study level validation templates

Its top-down approach dramatically reduces time-to-delivery as much as study test and validation phases. Our user-friendly interface minimizes the learning curve, making you instantly productive.

ACTide Designer is also the ideal application to:

  • Train junior Data Managers
  • Build and share a CRF template library between project management teams and clinical operations

ACTide Designer supports the reuse of template forms and reduces the adoption learning curve with a user-friendly interface. Furthermore, it is an effective tool to train junior clinical operations profiles and to share common methodologies between project teams and departments.


Configure and manage

  • Self-service eCRF
  • Library of reusable templates
  • Also ideal for limited budget studies
  • Intuitive interface, with minimal training requirements
  • No need for software developers in your team, for the set up of your eCRF


myACTide bundles-up both ACTide eCRF and ACTide Designer in one solution, allowing you to start right away.

With myACTide you are fully in charge of the entire lifecycle of a study from eCRF configuration to DBLock.


At any time, should you feel the need for an experienced hand to help you out when you have an additional workload (eg, you just received a new request by the Sponsor, etc.) you can upgrade to ACTide Plus where our development team will be happy to join forces with you to ensure on-time delivery to you eCRF.


ACTide Plus

eCRF fully serviced

ACTide Plus is ideal for those who prefer to outsource the entire eCRF configuration to Nubilaria.

Including Clinical Data Management and Statistical Services.

Our development team is composed of qualified professionals with a broad experience in developing eCRFs of any complexity and scale.

It includes Project Managers, Clinical Data Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Developers and Statisticians.


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