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ACTide Safety database

ACTide Safety Database is a centralized repository that collects SAE records.

An accurate and accessible database allows rapid assessment of data for signal detection, aggregate report production and statutory electronic reporting of cases to regulatory authorities.

Nubilaria provides all this as an integrated module automatically fed by an ACTide eCRF instances or as a stand-alone solution.


ACTide Randomization and Trial Supply Management

ACTide Randomization and Trial Supply Management service manages real-time subject enrollment.

It also automates drug inventory management and resupply both on location and on depots level.

It can be configured to solve complex clinical trial supply issues by managing, for instance, adaptive trial designs, temperature logging or deviation reporting.

Our ACTide RTSM can adapt as trials evolve, without disruption. The complexity of today’s trials is inadequately supported by traditional solutions.

Typically they require custom coding to deliver system changes – costing you both time and resources. As trial complexity continues to increase, we can help you to stay up to speed.


ACTide Business Intelligence

As clinical trials become increasingly complex and clinical project managers are expected to make smarter decisions based on intelligence directly derived from the clinical trial data, Sponsors are looking for ways to incorporate BI into clinical systems.

Our ACTide BI solutions allows you to gain full insight and create smart reports about your clinical trials.


ACTide Medical Coding Suite

ACTide Medical Coding interface allows the reconciliation and normalization of drug names and diseases terms submitted by investigators.

ACTide Medical Coding is provided either as an integrated and profiled interface in each ACTide eCRF instance or as a stand-alone interface available real-time during data entry phase as well as after DB-lock.

Medical coding is performed to categorize the medical terms reported appropriately so that they can be analyzed and reviewed.


ACTide KPI dashboard

ACTide KPI Dashboard is a customizable set of monitoring queries that allows to retain a real time view on study performances and on potential data issues.



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